Before and After English-Version

I always enjoy immensely getting a peek into the editing process of other photographers. Seeing edited and un-edited versions of images I admire. The difference can surprise you!

Besides, secretly I find it rather reassuring that other photographers’ work doesn’t just roll out of the camera all perfect and ready to go 😉

A photographer’s style can be defined by their light set-up, styling, composition, but often enough at least as much by what goes into post-processing. Many photographers don’t like to talk about what they do in post-processing (who likes giving away their secret ingredients?) but I have always learned a lot from peeks behind the scenes.


In this image you can see the three stages that I usually go through when working on an image: straight out of camera, the first editing in Lightroom (colors and contrast) and the end result after Photoshop. In this case I’ve tweaked the colors, did some retouching and added some texture to the background.

What I find important when shooting is to get as much as I possibly can right ‘in camera’. Basically, what I tend to do in post-processing is perfecting what I already have. Ofcourse, there are always exceptions! Photoshop is such an amazing medium, it offers endless possibilities for tweaking ‘reality’. Truly, I’ve only begun learning when it comes to the possibilities of editing.

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