Making Props

Let’s talk about something that is very important to me. Using props, clothing and-make up is a huge part of the way I go about doing shoots. Some photographers want to capture the personality of their models when photographing them, but for me the model is a part of the composition, just as important as the styling is.

I remember the first time I went about making a proper headdress, not just a hairband with some flowers attached. I bought a big bunch of fake flowers and went crazy with some metal wire. You can see the result in this shot below:

Flower Angelique

While we were shooting we experimented with adding fabric and jewelry, eventually ending up with this look:


Since then I have made quite a couple of headdresses, experimenting with different materials, shapes and textures. Using horns, skulls and feathers.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with shoulder pieces aswell, resulting in this shoot from last weekend, with model Emma Tagada and make-up by Kelsy Bremmer (EvaderFX). Working with a make-up artist is also something I don’t do a lot, but Kelsy’s work is mindblowing and I really wanted to work with her. I think her make-up job adds a lot to the styling. In these shots you can see both the headdress and feather shoulder piece I made for this shoot.

I’ve found I really really love crafting my own props and accessories, it gives me huge control over the styling, and it’s a great way to relax and be creative. I hope to get better at it, and learn new skills (like sewing??). But for now, hot glue is my best friend.

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