The merits of a good team

Generally, I enjoy doing as many aspects of a photoshoot myself as I can. I plan my shoots, I do the styling, make the props, do the make-up, attempt do do something with the hair, build the set, take the pictures and edit. Basically, everything apart from modelling (I’ll do a blog on why I hate modelling some time soon).

It’s not that I think I’m better at all these things than others, it’s just that it was always éasier to do it myself (and I massively enjoy doing it all). Lately however I’ve discovered the merits of working with a team of like minded, talented, passionate people. I’ve always worked together with models, as opposed to them being silent puppets. That doesn’t mean I don’t direct them, but it means I’m always open to the input and ideas of my models. I believe two minds are better than one. Others will have ideas and insights that I don’t have, they will notice things that I’ve missed. It’s a huge benefit to have another set of eyes working with you on a shoot.

I’ve worked with a few make-up artists, and though they’ve all been good at what they do, what you really want is someone that ‘gets’ you. Someone with the same kind of easthetic. Ofcourse, most mua’s can do a large variety of different looks and styles, but at the basis your mua has to understand what you’re trying to do. This is especially important for me because I tend to let my team ‘do their thing’. I give them a moodboard, and try to explain what I have in mind (what my vision is, pfhaha!), but otherwise I trust their expertise.

And here’s the thing, because I let go, and give them the freedom to go crazy, as it were (and I do always make it especially clear that I love over the top, more is more) the results are always more than I could have done by myself, or even could have thought of.

Working with make-up artists and hair stylist has really, no lie, brought my work to a new level.

Who new letting go and not being a massive controlfreak would be a good thing?!

Here’s some expamples of great teamwork, with credits to my lovely teams ❤

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